Our Company

The Titan Group is a lighting & electrical manufacturer agency founded in 2008 in Saskatoon. We are known for providing projects with optimal, innovative lighting solutions, product technical support,
and assistance in meeting budgets & deadlines.

Our main goal is to bridge the gap by bringing you together with world-class manufacturers to deliver leading-edge products & a seamless process.

Our Core Values


Teamwork, we aim to be a Dynasty Championship team. Working together with equal parts humility and ambition, with a commitment to a trusting, caring, collaborative environment to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Customer Service

Customer Service, we are passionate about delivering an experience to our customers that can only be compared to a white gloves approach. Leveraging technology and providing creative solutions to achieve the best results possible.


Accountable, we are collectively accountable to our customers, manufactures, and to each other. With a 100% buy-in on exceeding expectations and doing what we say we will do and when we will do it, with honesty, willingness to improve where we can. We solve problems we do not create them! We guide every decision, conversation, and action with honesty. Even when no one is looking.


Driven, we are ambitious creators with grit, we step up drive and deliver, taking ownership of our decisions, and fearlessly growing from our mistakes we are always looking for new and improved ways to challenge the status quo. Our goal is to continue to push the envelope on how we can service our customers better. Our Vision and structure if focused on always adding Value first.

The core values have been and will continue to be our guiding light for hiring, firing, performance, promotions and even the clients we go after, and our vision will continue to grow larger every day because our people always rise to the occasion.

Territory Map

Titan Group Map